Greenest Printing House

„KOPA Printing House was nominated as the Greenest Printing House in 2014“

Every year, representatives from the printing industry come together for a two-day BaltPrint conference to celebrate their achievements and the achievements of other companies. In 2014, the nominations were awarded in the following categories: Product of the Year, Exporter of the Year, Leader of the Year, Most Innovative Printing House, Greenest Printing House, Most Knowledgeable Printing House, Most Socially Responsible Printing House, Printing House of Creative Solutions, and the Employee of the Year.
This year, KOPA printing house was nominated as the greenest printing house, as it places much emphasis on ecological solutions, using lacquers and paint in its production in which more than one third are environmentally friendly, encouraging customers to choose recycled paper for their publications, caring for the environment and using green energy, while applying other environmentally protective solutions as well. In business, KOPA is guided by the principle: what I am; what you are -- this is our environment.

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