ICC colour profiles
  • PSOcoated_v3.icc  we  recommend  using  PSOcoated_v3.icc  color  conversion  profile  for  coated  (PS1  types  of  paper  (Premium  coated)),  maximum  quantity  of  ink – 300 %, (according to FOGRA51 ISO 12647-2:2013).
  • PSOuncoated_V3_FOGRA52.icc  conversion  profile  is  recommended  for  uncoated  paper  (PS5  type  of  paper),  maximum  amount  of  ink  –  300  %  (according to FOGRA52 and international standard ISO 12647-2:2013).
Digital proof

V3 proofs are printed on proof paper containing optical brighteners (OBA), which are also used in the most popular papers on the market. Therefore, the V3 digital proofs used in the KOPA printing house visually correspond better to offset printing than V2. Download the conditions of the ISO 12647:2013 (Version V3 (Fogra 51, 52)) digital proof standard used by KOPA.

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