About the project

The book At the End of the Dream by Olof Grind documents the process of entering adulthood and the feelings of freedom that comes with this. To live through your twenties is in a way to enter an invincible state of endless possibilities where the world is in front of your feet. The photo series document youth, and the gravitation and longing towards sources of a higher connection to our human conditions and the core of our planet; nature. Always with a queer view of the surroundings.


Open spine book with tipped-in image on the cover.


3 mm thick 100 % recycled cardboard was chosen for the covers of the brochure and 150 gsm premium uncoated Munken Lynx Rough paper used for the inside pages. 192 gsm adhesive paper sheet tipped-in on the cover.

Technical information

Open spine book with tipped-in image on the first cover and white matt foil fragments on the back. The thick covers of the brochure, made of gray recycled cardboard, hide the photos printed on uncoated rough paper stock.