The most beautiful

„XXI c. Kudirka, Kasdienybe (Daily Life), Night shift – three of the most beautiful books“

The publications are selected not only in accordance with the content and design, but in accordance with their poligraphical performance, in other words - printing and production quality. Many books of exceptional design distinguish in their structure or original technical solutions. It is frequently complicated to implement such publications qualitatively, so each assessment is very significant.

On 23 February, 6 prizes and 121 diplomas were awarded for the most beautiful books of the preceding year at the international Vilnius Book Fair. It is a necessary promotion for the creators and an excellent assessment of their hard work. The printing house KOPA printed 3 publications this year, which were awarded as the most beautiful books of the year.

The artist, Tadas Karpavicius was awarded for the book XXI. Kudirka (printing house: Kitos Knygos (Other Books) in the group of fiction and essays. The author, Zygimantas Kudirka, is a poet, a music performer, one of the originators of poetry slam in Lithuania. This has been the first book of the author, which consists of interactive poems, literal remixes, internet poetry, texts of unusual graphical forms and content.


Designer: Tadas Karpavičius
135 x 210 mm
88 p.
Book block paper: Munken Lynx Rough 120 g/m
Cover paper: Sirio Pearl Polar Down 300 g/m
1000 copies


The artist, Tomas Mrazauskas was awarded for his book Kasdienybe  / The Daily Life in the thematic group of artistic and documentary photography publications. Gintaras Cesonis is the compiler of this book, it was published by the Kaunas division of the Lithuanian Photo Artists’ Union. The publication is dedicated to the presentation of the photography exhibition of the same title, shown in various world countries (the USA, Georgia, Armenia, the Ukraine). It is aimed at expressing the daily life of Lithuania with the purified language at the exhibition. Photos of three generations of photographers are exhibited, from 1963 to 2003.  The photos are presented together with the relevant text from Milda Kiausaite in the book.


Compiler: Gintaras Česonis
Designer: Tomas Mrazauskas
Published by: Kaunas division of the Lithuanian Photo Artists’ Union
210 x 240 mm
112 p.
Book block paper: Munken Lynx 150 g/m
Cover paper: Peuprint Gerippt 270 g/m
Softcover with an open spine
500 copies


Gintaras Česonis, Gintatė Žemaitytė

The artist, Jurgis Griskevicius was awarded for his book Night Shift, whose author was Mindaugas Jankauskas in the thematic group of bibliophilic and experimental publications. Night shift is a compilation of collages, whose compositions are created joining various elements, most frequently from old magazines, newspapers, books, vinyl, clippings of inserts and other objects, which inspire the author. The title of the book, which may be translated as Naktine Pamaina in Lithuanian, reflects on the process of collage creation at night, when the author’s imagination is the most active.


Designer: Jurgis Griškevičius
Published by: Mindaugas Jankauskas
170 x 240 mm
96 p.
Book block paper: Munken Lynx 150 g/m
Cover paper: Munken Lynx 300 g/m
Experimental softcover binding
300 copies


Sales manager Inga Šapokienė