About the project

In botany, “wilting point” is the term used to describe the point beyond which the level of moisture in the soil is insufficient for the plant’s survival. The plant wilts, then dies if these hostile conditions endure. In our world, there are other breaking points, restless in-between places maintaining a tenuous link between life and death. Documentary reporter William Daniels has been working for over ten years in the territories of conflict. He delves into chaos and, documenting different situations, tries to understand it. The collection of photographs presented in this book opens up a dialoque based on rapprochement or confrontation.


Open spine brochure.


400 gsm uncoated fine Munken Lynx paper for the cover and 150 gsm for inside pages.

Technical information

Open spine brochure. Cover printed on both sides of the paper and it is only attached to the last page of book block. When the book is open, naked spine construction is exposed. Black colored threads match perfectly with dark photographs.