About the project

The publication is dedicated to the historical shots of Kaunas Old Town and New Town, captured by the photographer Stanislovas Lukošius (1906–1997). The main idea of the publication is to take a walk around Kaunas city, which no longer exists. Those who are accustomed to traditional guides or manuals presenting the remaining cultural heritage sites will be surprised – after reading it, you will no longer look at the city the same. The images you see will remind you of how everything looked here before. The reader will be introduced to Kaunas at that time in a consistent manner, moving from one block and street to the next.


Open spine brochure with 1 flap for the cover.


300 gsm uncoated Munken Polar Rough paper used for the cover and lighter 150 gsm  version of the same paper chosen for inside pages.

Technical information

Sewn softcover open-spine brochure with one flap cover that cloaks the raw spine construction. City fragments of the first page of the cover are embossed. Inside pages contain many high-quality photographs printed using LE-UV technology on uncoated paper stock.