The task of artists

„The task of artists is to bring a building for a new life“

This year, the building standing in the territory of the printing house KOPA for many years has changed its face. It has become the surface for a new project of the studio "Gyva grafika". The creators have decorated the facade of the building seen from the street with a painting revealing the values of the printing house. The texture of decaying plaster, changing from the effects of time and natural elements, has become an exceptional background giving additional historical significance. The blurry, earthly drawing colours blend organically with the building, giving the impression that the illustration has always been an integral part of the facade.

Tapyba spaustuvė KOPA

Photo by Gyva Grafika 

Recently, we are able to observe the revival of more refined, creative street art forms, colours and ideas that delight the passers-by in urban areas. Such works quickly become attraction points, forming a new, contemporary, safe and modern, city face. Some of the most prominent representatives in this field creating in Kaunas are the groups "Morfai" (created by the famous "Žvaigždžių sėjikas") and "Gyva grafika" (many of them were first heard by Kaunas citizens in 2013 when the Fluxus Ministry building was decorated with the painting "Senelis išminčius"). A great deal of attention to the environment, the context, the idea and the implementation - these things make a successful piece of urban art. 


In Lithuania, not only street art festivals but also special publications for this topic appear. They showcase the most interesting art pieces of the city's space. The recently issued guide "Kauno gatvės meno gidas" (guide designer Indrė Vasiliauskienė) can become a great companion for avoiding tourist destinations while looking for a unique, artistic face of the city. This publication has been composed by the organizers of the street art festival "NYKOKA", which actively promotes the revival of the urban culture. Such events and ideas are very important both in cultural and social terms. The public spaces of the city become exclusive, interesting and relevant. 


Although the building is located in the closed area of the territory of​ the printing house KOPA, it is perfectly visible from the street, so the sincere reactions from passers-by and neighbours have already been received. Responses have reached our team both by social networks and from mouth to mouth – this is perhaps the most important rating. 

Judėti Moving forward, thinking creatively, improving yourself and your environment - we strive for this every day, so even the small details become meaningful. Do not stop looking for inspiration because it is everywhere around you!