Press article 2015

„The printing house publication – “Mano idėjos organiser” – won the “Press article 2015” award““

On 12 November 2015, the Lithuanian Printers’ Association (LISPA), under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, organized the eighth Lithuanian printing industry awards, attended by the representatives of printing houses, education, ministries and students.
This year, the LISPA awards had 13 nominations for printing houses and their employees: “exporter”, “leader (large and medium-sized enterprises)”, “leader (small and very small enterprises)”, “the most innovative printing house”, “the greenest printing house”, “knowledge printing house”, “socially responsible printing house”, “printing article”, “printing house of creative solutions”, “employee of the year”, “smartest product”, “packaging design of the year “ and “the most innovative label”.

Only 8 printing houses were awarded during the event and one of them was the KOPA printing house. The representatives of the printing house received the award in the category “Press article 2015” for their original “Mano idėjos organiser” (design by Jovita Bliūdžiūtė).

The “Mano idėjos organiser” combines the idea, technological solutions and design into one complete product. 

Spaustuvė KOPA metų spaudos gaminys

Read more about the product here:


Package: notebook and packaging.

Minimalist design, with the possibility of personalization packaging is eco-friendly, convenient to send and aesthetically pleasing. By expanding the package easily perforated tape, the recipient of the product experiences the joy of unpacking a little satisfaction of curiosity.
Glossy paint finishes are used on the cover of the package and there is a cut box for the address.
Meteriality: notebook package is made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard.


The cover is made of 1 mm thick cardboard and felled to form.  The outlet half of the shell is taped with black Geltex material, and the inner – Surbalin red paper. The outler material is selected according to the practical function of the product: the organiser must be highlighter and resistant to scratchingconservative.  For page separation and book crimping satin ribbon and red elastic band is selected.  Satin ribbon tab‘s bottom is docked and sealed, so that the yarn doesn‘t get whipped over time.
Paper - Scandia 2000 Natural: comfortable for writing, not translucent. Two carbon paper spreads are attached.
Binding. The inside block for notes is sewn with white thread. Thanks to the non-standart organiser binding way – open spine – the flaps convert at the angle of 180°. It is especially pleasand and easy to write in it.

spaustuves kopa uzrasine metu spaudos gaminys

The artistic solution

The organiser „My ideas“ replaced usual work calendars for many of our clients. Given the multicultural aspects of the use of the organiser, the design of internal pages dominated by symbols and multilingualism motifs and to highlight the origin of the product in certain elements, the national language is highlighted – Lithuanian language.

Classic red and black color scheme is perfect for use in both the business environment and leisure. Organiser‘s cover accent – idea‘s symbol – a lamp (silk screen), and some flashing, silver foil covered dots.
Although both types of paper thickness is almost identical – coordinating different textures and the emergence of translucence creates a surprise effect. Illustrations enliven the publication, intrigue. Three Pantone palette colors are used.
Internal graphics is trigger, dot motif is selected which allows to develop ideas in a creative way.

metu spaudos gaminys dizainas kopa

During his speech at the awards, Marius Skarupskas, Deputy Minister of the Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, said, “It is good to see that somebody is creating things that not only can be read, but also touched.”