Inconvenient Films Festival

„An opportunity to visit Inconvenient Films Festival with KOPA”

However, Inconvenient Films are more than just films. It is an invitation to leave your comfort zone at least for a short while, to think about 'invisible' people, to talk about problems which are usually left undiscussed.

This year, the festival is offering a lot of exclusive films divided into groups by themes, therefore choosing the most relevant films will be very easy indeed. Those who are interested in sustainability and environment should like The Green Programme: Planet on the Plate, while the Panorama will screen the most prominent documentaries of recent years, which have already gained recognition. The youngest audience will not be left out either - Films for Children programme has been prepared by the festival organisers for them, which is devoted to complex problems and possible their solutions from child's perspective. Probably the most interesting films will be on the Competition Programme screening scrupulously selected films by emerging filmmakers.

KOPA sponsors the Inconvenient Films Festival and its ideas, therefore would like to invite its clients to take part in the action, two lucky companies of which (in Kaunas and Vilnius, each) will be offered to book up to 20 seats to the film of their choice. We would like to make this experience the simplest and the most accessible possible, by offering our clients a splendid opportunity to see quality and exclusive documentary films.

Terms and conditions of Let’s Watch The Inconvenient Films together with KOPA action:

  • Register your company by 7 of October, registration form is available here.
  • Not one but two winners will be chosen: one company will be given an opportunity to watch a film in Kaunas, the other in Vilnius.
  • Winners will be randomly selected on the 8th of October, while the draw results will be published on the Facebook account of KOPA printing house.
  • The winners will be given an opportunity to book up to 20 tickets to the chosen festival film in Kaunas or Vilnius.
  • Winners are kindly invited to inform about the number of tickets needed and the chosen film by 12:00, on the 12th of October.
  • Only clients of KOPA participate in the action.

For more information about the festival click here.

For repertoire of films click here.