About the project

One on one is a short and subjective selection of ten years of commissioned portraits by Stephane Gallois. French photographer takes us through a unique ten-year span selection of outstanding protraits of such iconic cultural figures as Amy Winehouse, Iggy Pop, Jean-Paul and many others. Each of the portraits stands out for its conventional beauty which perfectly blends with photographer‘s easy-going approach.


Hardcover book with cloth casecover.


220 gsm light blue woven rayon cloth for the casecover and 170 gsm coated woodfree Garda Matt paper for interior pages. 170 gsm colored uncoated Popset Californian Blue paper used for endpapers.    

Technical information

Hardcover book with cloth casecover. Matt black foil text elements debossed into woven cloth and tipped-in image on the cover. Photographies printed in offset on uncoated paper.