About the project

The new order is a biannual fashion, art, culture and lifestyle magazine. Founded in 2009 by James Oliver, the magazine focuses on educating, informing and entertaining via a devotion to in depth journalism and cultural / sub cultural analysis. Inspired by a grassroots and collaborative approach, the editorial content works to seamlessly bridge the gaps found between the most established high-end brands, discreet yet gifted and stimulating projects, and offerings from the world’s most innovative and modernist forces of creativity. 


Sewn bound softcover brochure.


350 gsm coated Maxima Silk paper was used for the cover and 140 gsm uncoated Maestro print is paper chosen for the inside together with coated sections of 150 gsm Maxi Satin.

Technical information

Sewn bound softcover brochure. Cover is decorated with matt laminate and two kinds of papers are complimenting each other when you flip through the inside pages.