About the project

The National Philharmonic was founded in 1940. Together with the country and the nation, it has undergone all historical, political, ideological transformations. This publication is a portrait of five contemporary National Philharmonic ensembles through the eyes of the artists themselves.


Hardcover book with cloth casecover and dust jacket.


230 gsm Setalux cloth is used for casecover, 150 gsm bulky coated Arctic Volume Ivory paper chosen both for inside pages and dust jacket. Cover is attached to the book block by endpapers made out of 120 gsm colored Keyakolour Kiwi paper. 

Technical information

Hardcover book with bright canvas cover and dust jacket. The cover of the book is subtly highlighted with name of the book and other fragments debossed with transparent foil. The block is folded by a dustjacket printed in offset in five colors and varnish. The endpapers of the book are greenish, reproducing the color of the cover.