About the project

Term memorabilia defines an object which provides evidence about past events or describes the phenomenon when something is noted and worth remembering. Based on this the publication Memorabilia draws attention to the topic of memory and the processes of remembering by cleverly presenting artworks of Lithuanian artists. The pages containing the artworks are locked together leaving only some textual hints of what is hidden visible. This leads to putting more effort in order to see and therefore remember the artwork.

Memorabilia designed by Agnė Dautartaitė-Krutulė received several prestigious awards: best of the best award at Red Dot Awards in 2019; shortlisted in the Design Week Awards (London) in the Editorial Design category; winner in the Publication Design category in the competition The One Club for Creativity; shortlisted in a 50 books/50 covers competition organised by AIGA ─ the professional association for design (USA).


Perfect bound brochure with  metallic paper for the cover.


Castcoated 280 gsm metalized paper Metalprint for the cover and 80 gsm uncoated fine Munken Lynx paper for inside pages.

Technical information

Perfect bound brochure with metalized paper for the cover. Matt spot UV varnish was chosen as the finishing for the cover. The paper for the inside pages was chosen to be as transparent as possible, and the pages were bound from two-page sheets that can only be separated manually when reading the book.