Printing Industry Awards

„KOPA Printing House at the Lithuanian Printing Industry Awards“

On 8 November, representatives of the KOPA Printing House went to Vilnius, to the Centre for Civil Education at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania. They participated in a festive anniversary ceremony which was organized this year for the tenth time.

Artūras Karosas, the President of the Association of Lithuanian Printing Industries, opened the Lithuanian Printing Industry Awards with a festive greeting. His speech was followed by a presentation by entrepreneur Ilja Laurs, “Industry 4.0 and the Printing Industry”. The presenter spoke about his insights into the potential for the use of innovations and artificial intelligence in the printing and media industries. This inspiring presentation moved everyone.

The award ceremony, which has now become a tradition, was extra special this year as the most important nomination, The Atlas of Printing, went to Her Excellency Ms. Dalia Grybauskaitė, the President of the Republic of Lithuania. Artūras Karosas, the president of the association, presented this honourable award.

The Lithuanian President gave a short speech in which she emphasized the contribution of the printing sector to the welfare of the country. The President is a patron of the annual campaign Christmas of Books, which is often supported by printing houses and publishing houses.

KOPA Printing House is not a newcomer and has participated in these awards in the past. Last year, we received three awards (Product of the Year, Most Innovative Printing House and Knowledge Printing House), which provided great motivation to maintain our standards for quality and continue improving.

This year was no exception and KOPA Printing House received three awards:

Knowledge Printing House award for continuous improvement and investments in employee training. Algirdas Vengalis, pre-press manager, accepted the award.


Most Innovative Printing House award for the implementation of innovations in printing, personnel and technology processes. Marketing project manager Vaida Bartusevičienė accepted the award.

Export of the Year award for increasing export volumes and expansion into new markets. Export manager Laurynas Aukštuolis accepted the award.

After a short coffee break, the guests returned to the main hall and listened to a presentation by Paulius Kovas, “Life in a Storm”, about his legendary round-the-world yacht journey with the aim of uniting Lithuanians worldwide. The speaker compared the selection of the crew and leadership to company management.

Every time, these awards inspire us to express our gratitude to our colleagues, celebrate together and find new strength for the future as we all look ahead at a long road full of motivating challenges. Let’s face them together with renewed energy.