Sustainable printing projects

Tvarumas spaustuvėje KOPA
Tvarumas spaustuvėje KOPA

"How can your project be even more sustainable?"

Sustainability – a highly important issue for all, including the business world. Making a business more sustainable starts with acknowledging the issue, realizing the changes that need to be made, then following this principle across all company activities.  KOPA intends to follow the sustainable and environmentally aware path at every step in order to be a leader in the printing industry. For a long time, we dedicated our resources and time to finding the most suitable, ecologically advanced solutions to improve our printing house, educate our clients and provide them with the possibility to participate. We are very proud of our success and if you are wondering how you can be a part of it, here are some exciting examples:


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a system established to promote responsible management of the world's forests. In the printing industry, the FSC certificate proves that the product is made from sustainably produced paper.  Our printing house is certified to sell products as FSC 100%, FSC Mix and FSC Recycled, and clients can choose between these certified options. With the implementation of this standard, KOPA gives our clients a choice to print on responsibly harvested paper and, with that, to contribute to forest conservation and replanting of trees all around the world. To ensure this, we frequently investigate our suppliers, register and check FSC labeling, and update and innovate our procedures.

2.    DEINKABLE INK certified by “The Nordic Swan”

Paper recycling is quite a complex process, with aspects many don’t know about – for example, ink. This month, KOPA introduced INGEDE (International Association of the Deinking Industry) certified LED UV S5 ink for offset printing, which enhances not only performance but also sustainability. Current cross-linked inks were difficult to remove in the deinking process, leaving too many ink particles, therefore complicating the recycling of printed paper. New inks are highly reactive and overall require a minimal level of energy to cure, saving resources while delivering more stable and consistent print results. Furthermore, it no longer requires hazard labeling for health or environmental warnings. Now, KOPA customers can be sure that the project they are printing is not only vibrant with colors and high quality, but also nature-friendly and easily recyclable.

3.    Environmentally friendly printing products in cooperation with Climate Partner.

In February 2022, our printing house received a climate protection certificate from Climate Partner, a leading solutions provider for corporate climate action. It enables businesses to take climate action by calculating carbon footprints and making products and services more climate-neutral, meaning lowering the volume of greenhouse gas emissions generated during our production. KOPA gladly joins these activities, because the climate-neutral label shows our commitment to climate protection and increases the credibility of our sustainable strategy. To ensure that your product is climate-neutral we can calculate the emissions from your print work, provide transparent product labeling with a unique ID, and along with that, contribute to global climate protection by supporting carbon offset projects: forest conservation in Brazil, solar energy in Namibia, plastic-free oceans and many more. Therefore, by printing at KOPA you are encouraging climate protection and proudly responsible, sustainable business.

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