About the project

Essay On The Concave City Corner by Stijn van der Linden presents an urban feature seen in every city: the concave corner. An in-depth analysis of corners consist of photographs taken during photographer‘s travels between 2010 and 2017, colour extraction, geometrical and material analysis, and more. 


Open spine brochure.


3 mm thick 100% recycled Eskaboard solid board sheets were used for both covers of open spine brochure. 100 gsm uncoated fine Munken Print Cream paper and 76 gsm uncoated grey colored Tablo paper used for inside pages.

Technical information

Open spine book of an unusual format. Thick recycled cardboard sheets used for both covers of the brochure decorated with silk screen printed texture. High quality photographies on uncoated stock and many flaps to extend narrow format of the book.