About the project

Daffodil is a photography book created by photographer Bahadir Aksan. Residing in Turkey, Bahadir Aksan seeks to represent and pay attention to marginalized people. According to the photographer, with his photographs he tries to narrate the death of youth, just like those cemetery daffodils. Bahadir Aksan wants to place emphasis on ageing, on slowing down, on melancholy, isolation, and confusion, on the awareness of our own farewell – surely one of the most painful concerns – and, in contrast, also on small moments of happiness: the soul‘s resistance to death. This book was announced as the winner of the Self Publish Riga 2018 Dummy Contest.


Open spine softcover brochure.


300 gsm creative colored Keaykolour Sombre Grey paper and Freelife Vellum sticker paper chosen for the cover. 130 gsm uncoated Scandia 2000 paper picked for the inside pages.

Technical information

Softcover open spine brochure. Dark cover made out of creative paper covers book block with an open spine that is only attached to the cover by the last page of the book block. Dark brown colored thread, that are visible on the open book spine, matches color range of the cover. Fragment of nature separately printed on sticker paper and glued on the cover on almost all of the surface. Text elements on the cover are foil stamped. Silver and black colored foils were chosen for the finishing. LE-UV offset print chosen for inside pages giving more saturated color look.