About the project

The Concept of Anxiety is one of the most complex works by the Danish theologian, philosopher and writer Soren Kierkegaard. In the epicenter of the book is the psychological study of man, which encompasses the various possibilities of approaching sin and the state of anxiety. The concept of anxiety touches various aspects of human existence: innocence, ignorance, sensuality, sexuality, guilt, anxiety about sin, seriousness.
The anxiety reviewed in the book is reflected in the unusual binding of the publication. The cover and back are joined together to provoke the reader, cause anxiety, and decide how to redistribute the cover.


Open spine brochure bounded with red colored threads.


Thin 115 gsm colored covering Geltex paper is chosen for both of the covers and 90 gsm premium uncoated Munken Pure paper used for the inside pages. 

Technical information

Brochure with open spine. The red book cover envelops the block in the front, preventing the book from opening, leaving the book’s construction visible in the spine area. It is decorated by tearing  the cover on the front of the book in half, opening a texts  printed on the inside pages.