Most beautiful books of 2015

„Books printed by KOPA Printing House are among the most beautiful books of 2015“

This year, 118 books of 53 printing houses competed at the election of the most beautiful book. Based on the proposals of the Commission, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania confirmed the list of 19 most beautiful books of 2015. 
Artist Tomas Mrazauskas, who has been co-operating with KOPA Printing House for a number of occasions, was awarded two prizes this year. One of the awards was given to the photo book Public Secrets by Visvaldas Morkevičius, who was also awarded for the book idea. This photo book is a collection of photographs of the city experience. Night life, private space create specific atmosphere, in which the life of the city and situations created in it are revealed. All photographs are presented in a special way aimed at creating a continuous emotion and leaving a deep impression. 

Public Secrets Visvaldas Morkevičius Tomas Mrazauskas 

   Tuštėjimas / Vanishing

Tomas Mrazauskas was awarded for the Tuštėjimas/Vanishing book by Vytautas Pletkus (Kaunas Branch of the Union of the Lithuanian Art Photographers). The author of the idea Vytautas Pletkus awarded at the Book Fair knows that this book is slow and grey. The only bright element in this book is a yellow page in the middle of the book which contains the whole essence. The main idea was to show Lithuania as it is, with its grey colours and defects.

Both books created by Tomas Mrazauskas were attributed to the category of artistic and documentary photography. KOPA Printing House is offering its clients innovative modes of book binding, using unconventional solutions. The latter books have open spine binding which makes the publications unique and extra charming. Such printed items are not only beautiful and modern but they are also convenient to leaf through, to look at, what is very important for photo albums. The awards to the most beautiful books confirmed it as well. After seeing this kind of book binding, people often think that the book has not been finished. But people of the art world are very fond of this kind of binding.

 Knygos meno konkurso diplomas 

 Knygos meno konkurso diplomas  

 Knygos meno konkurso apdovanojimas

Another award at Vilnius Book Fair was given to KOPA Printing House and artist Milda Kairaitienė for the book called Vaitkuškis. Grafas Stanislovas Kosakovskis (1837-1905) ir XIX amžiaus mėgėjų fotografija (Vaitkuškis. Earl Stanislovas Kosakovskis (1837–1905) and Amateur Photographs of the 19th Century) (National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, Lithuanian Culture Research Centre) in the category of publications of artistic and documentary photography. It is a book of documentary, old photographs printed in innovative and quality manner.

KOPA Printing House appreciated the given opportunity to contribute to the publication of historical and cultural importance for Lithuania, the unique character of which lies in its simplicity. This book contains the fragments of the photo archive of Earl S. K. Kosakovskis kept at the National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum. All photographs were taken in the 19th – early 20th Century, most of them at Vaitkuškis.  

Technical information about the publications:

Grafas Stanislovas Kazimieras Kosakovskis (1837–1905)
Ir XIX amžiaus mėgėjų fotografija

Compiler: Jolita Mulevičiūtė
Designer: Milda Kairaitienė
Published by: M.K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art and Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, book block paper: Arctic Volume Ivory 130 g/m, 450 copies.
Printed by: the printing house KOPA

Vytautas Pletkus
Tuštėjimas – Vanishing

Designer: Tomas Mrazauskas
Published by: Lithuanian Photographer's Association Kaunas Department, book block paper:Materica Clay 250g/m, Gmund Color System 31 100g/m, Munken Lynx 130 g/m, 500 copies.
Printed by: the printing house KOPA

Visvaldas Morkevičius
Public Secrets

Designer: Tomas Mrazauskas
Published by: Visvaldas Morkevičius, book block paper: Lessebo Design Smooth Natural 150 g/m, Fedrigoni Woodstock Blu Intenso 285 g/m, 500 copies.
Printed by: the printing house KOPA