The biggest technological change

„The biggest technological change in the history of KOPA printing house – coming soon“

The world of technology is developing as fast as fashion trends are changing. Yet, every major change in the company's (printing) technology fleet is particularly important, and demands time. It has to be thought through, and evaluated. There must be a need for such change, and in the printing house change is mostly driven not by innovation developers, but by users. This is why the opportunity to talk with our customers is our highest value and strongest growth motivator. Today, we can confidently say – we are ready to change and to discuss the immediate future of the printing industry and, at the same time, your publications.

KOPA printing house will greet the start of next year ready for new challenges. The planned installation will not only be the first in the commercial printing industry of Lithuania, but one of the few in Europe. This is the biggest technological change in the company's history, for which we are already preparing. We do our homework thoroughly, in order to create value added from the very start, aiming at its result – your excellent publication.

How will we serve you better than we do now?

  1. Colours. Colours on uncoated paper will look as deep as on coated.
  2. More solid ink coverage.
  3. Bigger choice of printed surfaces. Option to print on a wider variety of materials, for example, plastic.
  4. Greater abrasion resistance of publications without the use of dispersion varnish.

Ecology – this is important both for you and us. Harmful or toxic substances and ozone will not be released during printing, and materials used in the process will be friendly to humans and the environment.

What has been done so far?

We have come a long way, and today the boundaries of this road have been widely extended. We can confidently say that we have become a European printing house, and are ready to meet higher requirements for quality without compromising the scope of production. We have focused on quality not only by upgrading our facilities. The most important thing is to manage processes, to offer our people the opportunity to improve, and to create a comfortable working environment. Therefore, we will soon enjoy renewed working conditions for manufacturing – additional space and a product distribution system of better quality.

Spaustuves KOPA inovacijos

Nauja spaustuves technologija

Our aim is to offer our customers innovative and right solutions, with the opportunity to buy higher quality products, and for us – to become more competitive in comparison with other European printing houses. Our premises are ready to host the new technology and equipment, and we are eagerly anticipating these changes.