2016 in press

Spaustuvė KOPA 2016 in press

„2016 in press: professionalism, high quality and exceptional publications“

Mind the global trends of design and colours.

Various design magazines and blogs regularly offer a number of free resources ranging from articles to free templates, fonts and tips. 
You might say that one of the most important features of a successful publication are properly selected and relevant colours. But how should you know what colour to choose? You can link the colour palette with your brand, or rely on seasonal colour trends offered by professionals. In this case, we recommend to take note of reports annually published by PANTONE Colour Institute. For example, this year’s top popular colour palette not only includes the colours of the year – Rose Quartz and Serenity, but also a number of bright and bold colours which can be easily converted into a highlight of this year's press products.

Global printing design trends are a bit more difficult to predict and vary depending on the type of publication you create. But it is worth noting that the prevailing trend in 2016 will be a modern version of retro design – bright colours, “flat” design, dynamic typography and geometric shapes.

Use professional designer services

This aspect may seem self-evident, but the importance of design is still under-appreciated in Lithuania. In countries such as Finland and Great Britain, with deep traditions of design, entrepreneurs have no doubt about investing in high-quality design – it’s benefits have been demonstrated in a number of scientific studies, and tested in practice. 

Art book printed at the house KOPAArt book printed at the printing house KOPAArt book printed at the printing house KOPA

Pictures: thenewheroesandpioneers.com

Choose high-quality paper

The abundance of papers available on the market can easily make your head spin. Often, printing houses offer a choice of many different types of paper: with a big variety of colours, textures and patterns. Thus, paper can be a highlight of a good publication. For example, by choosing a minimalist design and colour combination, and directing attention to the unique texture of the paper. After all, it is not only the appearance of the printed item that matters – it should be pleasant for a touch and allure to browse through its pages. High quality paper might be compared to your business card.

Many customers also want paper used by the printing house to be recycled, and as friendly to environment as possible – in this case, it would be ideal to choose paper varieties marked with special certificates. In 2016 we suggest you to pay more attention to the environment and choose environmentally friendly recycled paper.

Choose only high-quality printing services

Poor print quality can ruin even the best design solution – always be sure to pay attention to the technologies used by your chosen printing company. The latest press machines such as Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 5 LE-UV can not only offer a more uniform background coating, but also a shorter manufacture time and sharper images on a variety of paper types. Scrutinise your chosen printing house profile, customer feedback, references, quality of service and the list of services – it may be, the printing house offers professional layout and design services as well.

Brochure printed at the printing house KOPABrochure printed at the printing house KOPABrochure printed at the printing house KOPA

Never fear to experiment

Modern printing houses offer many alternatives to make your publication even more interesting, therefore, be bold to choose varnish, foil or imprint for your new project – when used moderately, these tools can become your secret weapon. Pay attention to the elected most beautiful printed items of the year – more often than not, they include original solutions, bright colours, unique paper and unusual binding techniques.

Naturally, each customer has its own printing priorities, therefore, we recommend you to watch this short video interview with the art and fashion magazine editor Luigi Vitali, in which he shares ideas on what is most important to him when printing the Dust catalogue: watch the video here.