Each printing house uses different technologies and equipment, so if the product has been printed at another service provider, accurate color reproduction becomes a complex process and can be done by testing - printing proofs until the desired result is achieved. Unfortunately, this increases the cost of the project.

It will take the same as for the previously uploaded file. We will send the file for approval within 24 hours, excluding weekends and other non-working days.

We recommend you carefully review and verify the layout of the pages, design elements, and text before approving the file. If you notice any errors, please correct them as soon as possible and send us the links or upload a new file. 

Once your file has been reviewed by the reprocentre team and confirmed, you will receive a notification from your project manager that the file is ready for your review.

When checking the files, note the following:

  • is the file I am reviewing exactly the one (the name must match the order number)?
  • are there any grammatical errors?
  • is the page number sequence correct?
  • is my text within the safe zone (or not too close to the cut lines)?
  • are the photos in the right places?
  • is the final format correct?
  • are the bend lines in the correct place?

After carefully checking the files, you can confirm them or send links for corrections. You must do the same after receiving (if you have ordered) proofs.

You can access the files for confirmation directly through the KOPA ftp server ftp.kopa.eu using the ftp client login program (total comander, filezila) or through the web browser http://ftp.kopa.lt/ftpgui/. The login name and password will be provided to you by the project manager.

Depending on the project, the files will be sent for approval within 24 hours after receiving them. In special cases, files are sent for approval within 3-4 hours. P.S. it does not include weekends and other non-working days.