Yes. KOPA printing house has the possibility to distribute and deliver products to different addresses. At the customer's request, packaging without the manufacturer's details can be used.

Yes, delivery conditions can be adjusted or changed if necessary.

Delivery time depends on which country the order is shipped to. Your project manager will inform you in advance about the delivery time of the order.

It depends on the complexity of the project and the amount of work in the printing house. If the order is needed urgently, ask your KOPA project manager if it is possible to get the job done faster.

After confirming the order and files, the work is handed over to the production. At this stage, the project will be carried out as approved in the written agreement (contract or e-form).

When planning a press, the project manager provides a critical file approval time for each project individually. On average files need to be approved within 24 hours of submitting ripped files. If the files are not confirmed on time, another production time / date is scheduled.

The order execution term is the number of working days during which your product is manufactured - from file confirmation to product delivery. Different processes are used during the production of each project (unless it is a re-order), so the terms for completing each order are different. Also, the production execution term depends on the load of the production capacity in the printing house, for example, queues form in the printing houses during the season, so the order execution term may be longer.