Before starting the printing process, the files are additionally checked by the reprocentre team. If inaccuracies that may affect the quality of the print are found in the files, the staff of the printing house KOPA informs the customers and gives instructions on what needs to be corrected.

Embedding fonts in the file allows you to see document as you intented. Unembedded fonts are missing some of the font information which distorts the file. Before printing, the staff of the reprocentre always checks if the files are properly prepared for printing. If font discrepancies are noticed, the customer is notified and asked to upload new files. PDF files must not contain grammatical errors. The employees of KOPA printing house do not check the texts and are not responsible for any grammatical errors left.

Make sure you send us a file that contains the CMYK color code. Converting a file from RGB, PMS, or another color model causes color inaccuracies or other visible changes. Therefore, you will get the closest print result when preparing and submitting files with the CMYK color model.

Printing house KOPA is the first printing house in Lithuania and the Baltic States to implement the offset printing standard ISO 12647-2. The color stability of the prints in the press is guaranteed in accordance with the requirements of the standard. It is also ensured that the digital proofs and offset printing in our printing house will comply with the printing in other companies that comply with the requirements of this international standard. Color deviations will not exceed the tolerances specified in the standard.

We constantly maintain and calibrate the systems with the help of professional measurement and software. Therefore, the process is stable: monitors always reproduce colors evenly and the color accuracy of the image is close to the colors of the proof and offset printing product. Because monitors use RGB color rendering technology and CMYK printing technology, some differences are possible, but they do not exceed the limits specified in the standard.

If you are preparing a layout on your computer and you are not sure about the color accuracy in the press, we recommend making a digital or offset print (proof).

To prepare the files for printing properly, read the KOPA file preparation rules. KOPA printing house accepts PDF files. Remember to use the CMYK color model and leave bleeds of at least 3 mm.