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Working with colors can get tricky sometimes, especially when what you see on your screen doesn’t transfer to paper the way you want it to.

Every device displays colors differently but there are certain things that you can do to minimize these variations, for example, make sure to calibrate the screens that you edit your images and prepare design files on. Most of the operations in professional printing facilities around the world are regulated by precise international standards such as FOGRA and ISO standards. This helps both you and us to set expectations about the final result.

There are many studies, suggesting that you might perceive various shades of color differently from other people. These subtle nuances are especially important when it comes to printing images. Standardized color profiles offer a unified systematic approach to color reproduction both on screen and paper. Designers and photographers usually have a very clear vision about even the smallest details in their images – which is great. However, color management is a complex process and a great amount of knowledge and precision is necessary to achieve the best results. If this is your first publication or you haven’t been satisfied with the final result in the past, it might be a good idea to set up a consultation with our team and figure out the best way to approach your project.

Main areas where professional color management might be useful:

  • color Convertion from RGB to CMYK;
  • color convertion from RGB / CMYK to Black and White;
  • color Correction: Depth, Contrast, Small details and more.

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