Spaustuvės KOPA reprocentras
Spaustuvės KOPA reprocentras

The KOPA Reprocentre section performs all responsible pre-print work directly affecting the quality of publications.

The main activities of the KOPA Reprocentre are to verify your layouts and prepare files for printing.

Other services of the KOPA Reprocentre:

Hard proof production:

  • maximum format: 600x1500 mm;
  • resolution: 1440 dpi;
  • color management: GMG Color Proof;
  • color measuring equipment: Xrite iOne Xrite iO automatic table; inline Epson SureColor P7000 spectrofotometer;
  • color calibration complies with the standard ISO 12647:2013 (Fogra 51, Fogra52);
  • equipment: Epson SureColor P7000.

Photo positive/negative production:

  • for screen printing, flexography, UV varnishing, electronic installation board production etc.;
  • maximum format: 720x550 mm;
  • optical density: 4-4,5;
  • 300 LPI and lower;
  • files: PDF 1.5 version and lower;
  • equipment: Heidelberg Herkules Elite.

Production of printing plates (CTP):

  • formats: from 510x400 mm up to 1030x790 mm;
  • resolution: 2540 dpi;
  • symmetric raster (AM): up to 200 LPI;
  • asymmetric raster (FM): up to 650 LPI (20 microns);
  • files: PDF, meeting the requirements for offset printing;
  • equipment: Dainippon Screen PlateRite 8900S.

The service quality is guaranteed by all available measuring devices, compliance with standards, long-term experience and continuous staff development.

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