Choose Responsibly
with KOPA!

As it is essential to work responsibly, KOPA follows the practice of ecological printing.

We encourage our customers to choose recycled paper

We always advise our customers to choose recycled paper for office documents and promotional publications.


We are for responsible management of the world’s forests

KOPA printing house was one of the pioneers in Lithuania to implement the FSC® (license No. C103625) certificate  (No. TT-COC-003594).

The logo of FSC empowers consumers to express their demand in the market for responsible forestry by offering an independent, global and credible label for forest products.

Kopa sertifikatas

We seek to reduce the consumption of energy resources

In the year 2012, the building of KOPA printing house was sertified as A class ennergy-efficient (certificate No.GM-0296-0018).


ISO 14001:2004

In the year 2009, KOPA has implemented the ISO 14001 (certificate NO. LTQ6008201)

We sort and deliver 100% of waste in production for recycling.